Accelerates the Web server and increases the domain

Web application  acceleration & expanding territory of Websites

 Today, only web sites serving rich and dynamic contents with fast browsing speed can attract more users. Abroad or other local users, especially, could be pulled having to speed up web browsing at the remote terminals. However, in the current Internet, the longer distance between the server and the terminal is, the slower the web access speed is.Caching content close to the users is no longer as effective because of the dynamic content being served from origin by most websites today.
Therefore, the territory of a web site would be limited in distance and results losing potential customers of overseas or other areas.
SSC based CheapVps solutions resolve this problem.By installing CheapVps acceleration software or hardware at web servers, web browsing speed would be increased up to 40 times faster than before without requiring modification of software or hardware at the receiving end.